In cooperation with event management PK Entertainment, Southeast Asia’s multi-service tech platform Gojek, via it’s ticketing platform GoTix, will present one of the largest virtual events in Indonesia, Animeland! The event will be held virtually on 21-22 August 2021 through their official site,

On their virtual press conference that held on Tuesday (10/8), The organizer mentions that pre-sale tickets will be sold at Rp. 99.000. The regular ticket, which sold on the day the event is held, will be sold at Rp. 149.000. A tickets, according to organizer, can be used to view up to five hours of content each day. Attendees can also view movies playing at GoPlay Cinema Shinjuku at Rp. 30.000 per film.

The Tickets can be purchased via the official Animeland website, via Gojek’s ticketing platform GoTix on the app, as well as the ticketing website Tickets for GoPlay Cinema Shinjuku can be purchased via the official Animeland website or GoTix, up to before the movie’s showing.

What is Animeland?

On their press release, The organizer describe the purpose of Animeland as to bring all the exciting contents of J-Pop Culture under one roof to all fans of Japanese pop culture in Indonesia, featuring Anime, Cosplay, Vtuber, and esports.

A Star-Studded Line-up

Featured artistes to perform at Animeland: Depapepe, May’n, JO1, RADWIMPS, Sukima Switch and Hiroaki Kato

In Animeland, attendees can tune in to various music, cosplay, and Vtuber performances. Animeland will be host to a variety of artistes such as the acoustic duo Depapepe, the boyband JO1, and the fusion duo Sukima Switch. Anime fans can also look forward to anisong diva May’n, the rock band RADWIMPS, as well as Indonesia-based Japanese musician Hiroaki Kato.

Talk Shows and Cosplay Performances Galore

Featured content creators and illustrators: Tiyan Muhammad, Agung Syaeful Anwar (Pandaclip), Takuya Ohsawa and Devita Krisanti (krisanti_comics)

Animeland will also host various talk shows such as with comic artist Devita Krisanti, also known as krisanti comics, who worked on the webtoon Sri Asih on Line Webtoon. Pandaclip creator Agung Syaeful Anwar, textile community Seratan Studio, Indonesian J-Pop inspired clothing illustrator Tiyan Muhammad, and Indonesia-based Japanese YouTuber Takuya Ohsawa will also be sharing their insights to attendees.

Featured virtual youtubers: NIJISANJI ID

Along with creators and guest stars, Animeland will also feature the virtual youtubers (Vtuber) of NIJISANJI ID, ready to greet fans and viewers with their entertaining performances.

Featured cosplayers: Larissa Rochefort, Kameaam, Clarissa Punipun, Matcha Mei and Janine Intansari

Fans of cosplay can also look forward to the appearance of guest cosplayers such as Larissa Rochefort, Clarissa Punipun, Matcha Mei, Kameaam and Janine Intansari, who will be bringing their talents to Animeland.

Anime Films, eSports Tournaments, and Cosplay Competitions

Animeland will also bring anime films to GoPlay Cinema Shinjuku, where attendees can watch featured Japanese movies during the event via GoPlay Live’s streaming features.

This event will also be host to eSports competitions, such as a TEKKEN 7 tournament in cooperation with DRivals Tekken Team, and a Pokémon TCG (Trading Card Game) tournament featuring online matches in cooperation with Indonesian Pokémon community PKMN-ID. The preliminaries for both competitions will be held on 18-20 August 2021, and the finals will be held on 21-22 August 2021.

Japanese pop culture events aren’t complete without cosplay, and Animeland will also host a Cosplay Competition in cooperation with CLAS:H, one of the largest cosplay communities in Indonesia.

Further information can be found on the official Animeland website and social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook.

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