The business journal Nikkei Asian Review has reported that Cool Japan Fund Inc. will invest about USS 50 million (about IDR 7 billion) to Indonesian multi-service company Go-Jek. The investment aims to promote and spread Japanese popular culture in Indonesian market.

As one of the largest start-up companies in Indonesia, Go-Jek has several online services starting from online motorcycle taxi service (ojek), ride hailing service, food delivery, to mobile payment service. Cool Japan Fund aims to spread Japanese multimedia content through Go-Jek’s online services, for example, by streaming anime and Japanese films via the Go-Play streaming service. The fund also intends to help Japanese restaurants in Indonesia to participate in Go-Food Festival, a  culinary festival hosted by Go-Jek.

This investment will reportedly be the biggest investment of Cool Japan Fund in South East Asia. Previously, other Japanese companies like Mitsubishi Corps. and Mitsubishi Motors have also invested in gojek.

Founded by Nadiem Makarim in 2010, Go-Jek started its activity as online ride-hailing service. In 2016, Go-Jek had 10 million downloads on Android, operated under PT. Aplikasi Karya Anak Bangsa as its official name. On June 2019, Go-Jek had also launched the beta version of Go-Play video streaming service.

Cool Japan was originally emerged as a term that describes the appeal of Japanese popular culture to foreign recipients. It has then been used by the Japanese government to brand for its efforts to promote Japan’s popular culture abroad. On 2013, Japanese government launched Cool Japan Funds Inc. to fund Japanese Pop Culture promotion overseas.

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