Asosiasi Game Indonesia (AGI) or Indonesian Game Association, along with Indonesian game industries, will establish  Hari Game Indonesia (HARGAI) or National Game Day on August 8, 2016. This establishment of this day came to be through supports from various game developers, publishers, payment solutions, boardgames and media in Indonesia.

HARGAI will become a yearly event for gamers in Indonesia to participate, support, and encourage the game industries in Indonesia. The establishment of HARGAI is well received and supported by the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia, The Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy (Bekraf), Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, and Google Play.

AGI invites everyone to establish HARGAI as a moment to appreciate the support of Indonesian citizens who have been supporting the game industries in Indonesia. The event is also expected to increase public awareness of domestic game developers and their creations. The goverment and the game industries aim to push local games to lead domestic game market with no less than 50% market share in 2020.

HARGAI’s logo features iconic symbols that illustrates four eras of gaming in Indonesia, represented by: Snakes and Ladders, a console controller, a mouse, and a mobile phone.

  • Board Game as represented by the Snakes and Ladders are a form of traditional games played with simple boards and tokens. The icon represented the babyboomers generation, who in 2016, are in the age range of 52 to 72 years old.
  • The console is the early form of modern computer game that became popular in Asia and Indonesia from mid-80s until now. The console controller icon in HARGAI’s logo is chosen to represent the generation of this era.
  • PC Game that boomed in the 2000s is a phenomenon in Indonesian entertainment industry that spurs rapid growth of game industry in Indonesia, online and offline. It is also in this era that local entrepreneurs dared to venture into online game publishing on PC. The mouse icon is included in HARGAI’s logo to represent the PC gamer era.
  • Mobile Phones are currently the most advanced device with widespread use, thus, making the mobile phone the suitable representation of the current generation. Mobile phone users can download various games easily since the launching of app stores such as Apple’s back in 2008.

Andi Suryanto, the Chairman of AGI said, “We hope in establishing the Indonesian National Game Day, we can unite various gamers in Indonesia, and use themoment to appreciate the Indonesian public that has been supporting and encouraging game industries in Indonesia. We expect that Indonesians  can appreciate and love Indonesian games.”

Hari Game Indonesia’s link: www.harigameindonesia.com

About AGI

Asosiasi Game Indonesia (AGI) facilitates communication and development of game industries in Indonesia. AGI was founded in February 2013 and represents important sectors of the game industry including developers, publishers, media, animation, and payment.

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