As announced before, Eir Aoi decided to take a hiatus because of her health issues. Eir Aoi’s management explained that the anisong singer caught a certain disease. Following that announcement, all future appointments unfortunately have to be cancelled. This decision was made after Eir Aoi talked with her management and staff.

Likewise, regarding her planned performance in the upcoming Anime Festival Asia (AFAID) 2016 that will be held from September 16 to 18, Eir Aoi recently confirmed that she will be absent from the event.

The organizers of Anime Festival Asia resolved this situation by announcing another artists to guest star in the event. As announced on their Facebook page, they will invite Alisa Takigawa dan motsu X KAYA in exchange of Eir Aoi absence.

Alisa Takigawa is a singer and songwriter for anime series 7 Deadly Sins dan Owarimonogatari.  While motsu X KAYA is a unit consisted of motsu (ex m.o.v.e / ALTIMA) which covers many anime songs. KAYA himself has already showed up in many worlwide events with his medley of anisong, vocaloid, j-pop and also dance music.

Those artists will perform in a concert called I Love Anisong that will be held on Friday (16 September 2016) and Saturday (17 September 2016). The line-up for Friday concert are Aimer, Alisa Takigawa, ELISA, livetune+, and motsu X KAYA; while bless4, Lia, Maaya Uchida, and nano will perform in the Saturday concert.

Other than the concert schedule, AFAID also explained about ticket booking for I Love Anisong that had been opened. People can book the tickets through this  this link.

Anime Festival Asia is a Japanese pop culture festival organized by Sozo. This year, AFA is held in three different countries, which are Singapore (AFASG), Thailand (AFATH), and also Indonesia (AFAID). The fifth AFAID takes the same place as last year, in JI Expo, Kemayoran, Center Jakarta on 16-18 September 2016.

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