Having held a film screening event in Indonesia in August 2016, Studio Ghibli will next hold an exhibition in Indonesia in 2017.

This information is announced through the official Twitter account @ghibliJKT. The tweets informed that some staff of Studio Ghibli will come to Indonesia in late November 2016 and will start to have some preparation for the event.

“There will be an Official Press Conference for Ghibli’s event in Jakarta that will be held around August-September 2017.”

“Before the main show in August-September 2017, 7 Ghibli’s films will be screened starting from Februari 2017 at certain cinemas.”

Not only that, Ghibli will also entertain fans with the screening of Ghibli’s movies in Indonesian cinemas from February until August 2017. Every month, a film will be released and will able to be watched for one week.

Hayao Miyazaki, as the founder of Studio Ghibli, expressed his happiness for this plan. As a film maker who is still active in creating animations in Ghibli until today, he feels really happy knowing that his films will be shown in Indonesia.

There is no information yet regarding the lineup of films that will be screened. but it has been informed that there will be a survey to the fans regarding what films that they would like to be screened in Indonesia.

Regarding the exhibition, Studio Ghibli will prepare it with care so as to not disappoint Ghibli fans in Indonesia.

Previously, the movie The Wind Rises which is directed by Hayao Miyazaki had been screened at Indonesian cinemas in 2014.

For the organizing of this event, Studio Ghibli will cooperate with Indonesian film production company Kaninga Pictures.

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