In December 1966, Mahoutsukai Sally or Sally the Witch first appeared on Japanese television. Inspired by American TV show Bewitched, Sally with its young witch girl from another world is often regarded as the first mahou shoujo or magical girl anime on TV.

Following Sally, the genre continues to grow as various magical girl anime were produced. In the next decades, the interests of toy companies such as Bandai has brought cute wands and accessories and the theme of “transformation” to magical girl anime such as Minky Momo or Creamy Mami. While in the 90s, Sailor Moon incites the trend of magical girls who fight against evil to save the world.

To this day, magical girl or magical girl-inspired anime continue to persist. Just look at the Pretty Cure franchise that has been present since 2004. Or take a look at Magical Girl Raising Project, Matoi the Sacred Slayer, and Flip Flappers which are airing in this 2016 fall season. Curiously, although originally meant for little girl audience, the genre has also attracting the interests of boys and men. And there are even magical girl shows made for male viewers.

In Indonesia, during the 90s to the early 2000s, magical girl anime also made their presence on Indonesian television and became one part of of the childhood memories of anime viewers growing up in the period. Now, to commemmorate 50 years since magical girl anime first appeared on the television medium, KAORI staff present their favorite magical girl anime. Although most KAORI staff are male, there are many who have also been charmed by these emissaries of love, peace and happiness. We celebrate what makes us amazed by these shows. Have you been charmed by these shows as well, or are there other magical girl anime that left long lasting impressions to you?

Cardcaptor Sakura

© CLAMP, ST, Kodansha/NHK, NEP

Cardcaptor Sakura tells the story of a girl named Sakura Kinomoto, who accidentally lets loose the magic cards made by a wizard named Clow. Sakura was then tasked by the guardian beast of the Clow cards, Keroberos, to capture back the runaway cards.

Cardcaptor Sakura demonstrates CLAMP’s skill in arranging varied narrative and visual elements that makes the work easily appeals to a wider range of audience, males and females alike. As a magical girl anime ought to be though, the most essential and charming elements are how the series depicts Sakura’s growth as a character and the growth of relationships surrounding her, putting Sakura in a magically warm and loving world. The anime adaptation is also handled with the serious care of its staff, bringing the magic of the tale to life with beautiful visuals and quality selection of music that remains in memory long after the series had ended. (Halimun Muhammad/The Indonesian Anime Times)

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