Sword Art Online was never officially broadcasted in Indonesian television, but it’s popular in Indonesian grassroot anime fans. When the first season was broadcasted in Japan circa 2012, there were are a lot of cosplayers with Kirito, Asuna, and from 2014, Sinon. Long after the second season was ended, Sword Art Online‘s unofficial merchandise and shirts are still popular.

When the first information about worldwide Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale was reported, the hype was riding high in Indonesia. Based from site visit report on KAORI Newsline, almost every news piece of Ordinal Scale dominated the traffic ranking. When the first première was delayed, netizens raged. Despite steep price tag (Rp450.000 / USD 33) all seats were sold out in the first première on 25 February.

Before the official release in theatres, the second première at 4 March was created to extend the hype train before Ordinal Scale officially launched for regular audience. We attended this second premiere and like the first, all regular seats (priced Rp110.000 / USD 8) were sold out.

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There was a long queue from 1500 where enthusiast already lined up to enter the theatre. The door was opened around 1610 with regular ticket holder entered first, and reserved seats (including our team) entered later. After all got seated, the host greeted us with the introduction and called some cosplayers to the front.

Because there was leakage of footage in Malaysia’s première, CGV has taken extra measures to prevent similar things. Viewers need to turn off their mobile, then put it to an envelope. The envelope must stay sealed until screening was completed to get complementary bonuses. It was a bit inconvenient, but understandable.

The actual screening then happened. Indonesian subtitles used in this film is generally accurate enough if people compared it to the English subtitles. However, the English subtitle used was not very accurate with some mistranslations changed the meaning. Furthermore, there are around nine typos in Indonesian subtitle, one of them is “orang” (people) written “oragn”. It should be noted that the subtitles in general is accurate enough and there are no needs for blowing up these minor things.

Viewers also very enthusiastic, with some applauses in the middle. One of the notable moments was in Kirito was on the top of Asuna’s bed, almost all viewers shouted in this moment. Also when Kirito defeated some bosses, viewers clapped again.

In the end, there was a gaffle in the ending credits. The English ending credits, fashionly typed with British-esque Gill Sans font, was suddenly paused, then continued with muted sound.

One viewers interviewed by our crew said this film was very enjoyable. Busy with his daily job, Randi didn’t have time to follow current anime but he fondly remembered when he first liked Sword Art Online and then started read the novel. Kirito-Asuna’s relationship was very expressed and he loved it.

(Still) Director of News Rafly N (KAORI Nusantara / Kevin W)

Asked by KAORI, one CGV Cinemas representative explained the delay of regular screening. Previously CGV wanted to schedule the regular screening on 9 March, same as United States, but decided to defer it due to some clashes with another Western film. They selected safer bet and reschedule it to 24 March, which inevitably putting it head to head with Indonesian release of Power Rangers film.

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