Years ago, Nino Arisugawa promised her two childhood friends, Momo and Yuzu, to keep singing even tough they went their separate ways. Since then, Nino always sing the same tune on the beach every morning, hoping that her voice could reach them one day. They finally met again in high school after seven years, and Nino is drawn into the world of light music club.


The first episode of Anonymous Noise introduces many conflicts, from the conflict between Nino and Momo, between Nino and Yuzu, internal conflict of the light music club, Nino’s past, and many more. These conflicts makes Anonymous Noise feels really angsty, even by the standard of high school romance drama.

That is not a bad thing. In fact, if you are a fan of shoujo-ish anime which focus on the drama of character relationships and how they fight their insecurities, Anonymous Noise probably can be the right choice. While the conflicts aren’t explored much yet, there are still potentials. Furthermore, unexplored conflicts probably will make the viewers curious. Who is Nino? Why is she shocked when she watched the choir club performance? What happened in her past? If these conflicts can be executed nicely, Anonymous Noise probably will become a good emotional roller coaster.

If melodramatic conflicts isn’t your cup of tea, the other aspect which probably will attract interest is the music. There are two songs performed in this episode. The first song, Highschool, is the opening song of this anime. The second one, Spiral, performed in the climatic scene. The band scene looks pretty nice. There are still awkward CG moves from the characters, but most of them are hidden under lighting effect. The camera also positioned rather far when CG characters appear, possibly to hide their awkward movement. More importantly, the viewers can clearly feel Nino’s emotion when she sang the Spiral song. Both her facial expression and her rough vocal tone shows the viewers how she was screaming so hard to express her feeling. So if you’re looking for a angsty teenage drama story which revolves around music , you can add Anonymous Noise to your watchlist.

Facts and Figures

Alternative tiitle Fukumenkei Noise
Source material Manga by Ryouko Fukuyama
Casts Ayahi Takagaki as Miou Suguri
Daisuke Ono as Yoshito “Haruyoshi” Haruno
Daiki Yamashita as Kanade “Yuzu” Yuzuriha
Jun Fukuyama as Ayumi “Kuro” Kurose
Kouki Uchiyama as Momo Sakaki
Saori Hayami as Nino Arisugawa
Director Hideya Takahashi (Keijo!!!!!!!)
Scenario Deko Akao (Amanchu!, Flying Witch)
Character design Mariko Ito (Log Horizon)
Opening Song “Highschool” by in NO hurry to shout
Ending Song “Allegro” by in NO hurry to shout
Studio Brain’s Base
Official Site
Twitter @fukumenkeianime
Broadcast Date 11 April 2017 (1400 GMT, 2100 WIT, 2300 JST)

Screenshots and Trailer

© Ryouko Fukuyama. Hakusensha/Fukumenkei Noise Production Commitee
© Ryouko Fukuyama. Hakusensha/Fukumenkei Noise Production Commitee
© Ryouko Fukuyama. Hakusensha/Fukumenkei Noise Production Commitee
© Ryouko Fukuyama. Hakusensha/Fukumenkei Noise Production Commitee

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