Konbini Kareshi is about first year high school students named Haruki Mishima and Towa Honda, who were looking forward to their new school life. Meanwhile, Nasa Sanagi, the sole member of the cooking research club, continued with his club activities from middle school, striving to work on the theme that his adviser laid out for him. Second year student Natsu Asumi, although he matured a little since the height of his impudence during his first year, had nevertheless chosen to remain alone this year, while third year students Mikado Nakajima and Masamuna Sakurakoji watched over him with a smile. All of them will pay the nearby convenience store a visit after school.


It is the school love story that begins in konbini (convenience store). A classic theme of teenager love story in high school where they always meet in konbini by chance or deliberately. A pure romance anime, so the possibility of affair is low since each character has their own love partners, as seen in the opening and ending song animation. The episode title takes the name of the month starting from April (episode 1). The first episode is still an introductory story with the characters of the first grade students, Haruki and Towa who met Miharu and Mami in konbini. Haruki and Miharu are childhood friends but it seems Miharu has forgotten it. The next story will continue in the second episode.

Facts and Figures

Alternate Title コンビニカレシ
Source Material Manga by Makoto Senzaki
Ami Koshimizu as Nozomi Itokawa
Hiroshi Kamiya as Natsu Asumi
Kenichi Suzumura as Toma Honda
Miyuki Sawashiro as Kokono Minowa
Rie Kugimiya as Mami Mihashi
Sataka Kanda as Miharu Mashiki
Shinnosuke Tachibana as Mikado Nakajima
Takahiro Sakurai as Masamune Sakurakoji
Takuma Terashima as Haruki Mishima
Yui Horie as Aki Asukai
Yukari Tamura as Waka Kisaki
Yuuki Kaji as Nasa Sanagi
Director Hayato Date
Scenario Sayaka Harada
Character Design Satomi Ishikawa
Opening Theme “Stand Up Now” by Cellchrome
Closing Theme
Studio  Pierrot
Official Website
Twitter  @cvk_kd
Broadcast Date 06 July 2017 (16.58 GMT, 23.58 WIB) 07 July 2017 (01.58 JST)

Screenshots and Trailers

konbini kareshi
© 2017 Studio Pierrot/ Konbini Kareshi
konbini kareshi
© 2017 Studio Pierrot/ Konbini Kareshi
konbini kareshi
© 2017 Studio Pierrot/ Konbini Kareshi

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