Because of the rising popularity of “local heroine fighter” of a certain city, becoming national stars, many cities create their own “local heroines” as part of their promotional campaign. Meanwhile in Hinano City, An Akagi and Mikan Kise created their own small, do-it-yourself sentai stage play to entertain Mikan’s little sister. Accidentally, Hinano city tourism representative and student council president, Misaki Shirogane, saw their stage play. Interested, Misaki invited An and Mikan to help her creating Hinano City’s own local heroine.


Just like Sakura QuestAction Heroine Cheer Fruits also tells a story about tourism and small town revitalization. In this anime, however, the main characters have to promote Hinano City by using “local heroines” gimmick rather than micronation. The major difference is, Action Heroine Cheer Fruits tells the story from the perspective of high school students while Sakura Quest uses working adults as main characters.

The choice of characters makes the story in Action Heroine Cheer Fruits feels more lighthearted than Sakura Quest. In Sakura Quest, the characters have to fulfill their obligation as adults, to work and make their project succeed. In Action Heroine Cheer Fruits, there is no such urgency, but it makes the characters’ action feels more sincere. Both An and Mikan didn’t have to create their own sentai just to entertain Mikan’s little sister, but they still did it. They even create their own simple costume from used cardboard and practice some stunts for a week. It was heartwarming. Their earnest effort can easily evoke sympathy.

Overall, the first episode of Action Heroine Cheer Fruits feels lighthearted and sincere. If you are looking for simple, save-the-homeland type of story like Sakura Quest or  Love Live!, this anime is recommended. 

Facts and Figures

Source material Original work
Casts Erii Yamazaki as Mikan Kise
Haruka Ishida as Genki Aoyama and Yūki Aoyama
Haruka Shiraishi as Kanon Shimura
M.A.O as Misaki Shirogane
Miku Itō as An Akagi
Moe Toyota as Hatsuri Momoi
Rie Murakawa as Roko Kuroki
Yūki Hirose as Mana Midorikawa
Director Keizou Kusakawa (Aho-Girl)
Scenario Naruhisa Arakawa (Outbreak Company)
Character Design Naomi Ide (Kantai Collection)
Opening Song Jōnetsu☆Fruits” by Tokimeki Kanshasai
Ending Song Hi no Ataru Basho” by Tokimeki Kanshasai
Studio Diomeda
Official Site
Broadcast Date 7 July 2017 (1728 GMT), 8 July 2017 (0028 WIT, 0228 JST)

Screenshots and Trailer

©Cheer Fruits Production Committee
©Cheer Fruits Production Committee
©Cheer Fruits Production Committee
©Cheer Fruits Production Committee

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