Amplitude, a visual novel with created by a game developer from Bandung named Ceylon Entertainment, has announced that the development of the visual novel has been finished. It is said that the mystery, suspense, and sci-fi themed visual novel will be released on 6 September 2017

In the visual novel, Earth in 22nd Century has been filled with many mutated humans. There were two groups who possess different goals and aim to make Earth peaceful through different ways. At first, player will be shown a scene where all four main characters died together, which will lead the player to choose a characterand also bring them to different routes. this visual novel is also a sequel from the previous game, Freak-Quency.

The goal of this visual novel is to unveil who is the real killer and to save the world. Player can also go sightseeing in the city, interact with other characters, improve skill and moral, and does several missions, craftings, and questings. Not only that, every character in this visual novel are voiced.

[1 MORE DAY UNTIL RELEASE!!]Here's the link if you want to put it in your steam wish…

Posted by Amplitude on Monday, September 4, 2017

Curious to try it? The visual novel Amplitude is now available in Steam and ITCH.IO 

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