After several Psychic Detective Yakumo novels has been released in Indonesia, now m&c! releases another novel titled Psychic Detective Yakumo: Feelings to ProtectThis novel has been published on 4 September 2017.

Here is the synopsis of the novel:

“Haruka met with a boy who can see ghosts in the elementary school where she worked. ‘I am a cursed child’ that boy said to Haruka. Then Yakumo came to investigate the supernatural phenomena that Makoto had. However, other than finding a ghost, he also found a burned corpse with only the left hand left. Looking at the condition, the victim had been burned with a massive heat, as hot as the explosion of an atomic bomb. Who was the culprit? Was it human or the ghost in the school? Is the curse really exist? The red eye of Yakumo has come to act again!”

Psychic Detective Yakumo is a novel about Yakumo Saitou who has a red left eye that makes him able see ghosts and spirits. This ability had made him able to solve various supernatural problems. The novel has been adapted into anime and comic. The comic has also been published in Indonesia by m&c!.

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