Mazjojo, a well-known comic artist from Indonesia, has recently developed a visual novel game titled Full Service. This visual novel will be voiced in both English and Japanese. On Sunday (11/2), via its Facebook page, it was announced that the game will be released in 21 August 2018.

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As the title implies, the game is set in a spa and massage service. Here is the synopsis of the game:

Tomoki Nakamoto is a workaholic young adult who finally earned his long-awaited bonus salary after working as an office employee for a long time. Being too average and almost anti-social, Tomoki doesn’t have much experience on dealing with other people. But thanks to his best friend, he got referred to wind down and relax at an unknown massage spa called “Full Service”.

He has yet to experience an unusual “extra service” for his massage session and a probable chance to get a relationship that can change his life…

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The demo version of the game can also be played at Full Service website.

The Indonesian Anime Times

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