On Tuesday (27/2), film distributor CB International Pictures has announced that they will release the animated feature Mazinger Z: Infinity in Indonesia. A visual of Mazinger Z: Infinity has been posted on their social media account with the words “Soon in Indonesian cinemas!” The visual also mentions that the film will premiere in 2018. However, details about the release date has not been revealed yet.

Adapted from manga by Go Nagai, the original Mazinger Z tells the story about Kouji Kabuto. He fights against the army of mechanical beasts built by the evil scientist Dr. Hell with a giant robot called Mazinger Z, created by Kouji’s grandfather Professor Kabuto. The feature film Mazinger Z: Infinity was released to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Mazinger franchise and is set ten years after the events in the original series. It is directed by Junji Shimizu at Toei Animation.

The Indonesian Anime Times

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