A group of teenagers decorating wall with paint at Japan Pasar II Cicadas, Cibeunying Kidul district, Bandung image courtesy of Pikiran Rakyat)

The Bandung government gradually continues to support the development of creative villages in each district. Over the span of five years, the government hopes 30 creative villages will have been established in Bandung, each having different kinds of potential.

“Until today, there are five creative spots that we have officially established. Hopefully we can have a minimum of one creative village per district,” said Ridwan Kamil, the Mayor of Bandung, as reported in Pikiran Rakyat.

According to the mayor known by his nickname Kang Emil, the government fully supports the development of creative villages in Bandung, in accordance to Bandung’s nickname, “The Creative City”. The development of creative villages will make the city full of arts and cultural activities, which will help in the economic sector.

He also stated that there are a lot of aspects to be considered in the development of a creative village. Citizens are not only expected to be involved in arts and cultural activities, but the activities themselves need to have  educational value.

“Each creative village will have local uniqueness, economic value, playground, and hotels, but the most important thing is that these will become a place to provide aspirations and basic needs for the locals,” said Ridwan Kamil.

Meanwhile, the head of creative spot movement, Rahmat Jabaril said that there are five creative villages in Bandung until now, starting from Dago Pojok Tanggulan creative village, initiated by him in 2011, followed by Cicukang II Kel. Husein Sastranegara creative village and Pasundan creative village in Balonggede. “Today (Sunday, 8/12), we’re going to establish Cicadas acoustic creative village at Jalan Pasar II, Cibeunying Kidul district and Langitan Leuwi Anyar creative village at Jalan Leuwi Anyar, Bojongloa Kidul district,” said Rahmat Jabaril, hoping that the Benjang creative village, located at Ujungberung will be finished by next week.

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