After graduating from Iwatobi High, Haruka and Makoto moved to Tokyo as a university student. Later, Haruka met with Shiina Asahi, a friend from his middle school days who is also a member of Hidaka University Swimming Club. Meanwhile, in Australia, Rin is introduced to an acquaintance of his coach, while Iwatobi High Swimming Club gained three new members: Romio Hayahune, Ayumu Kunikida, and Shizuru Izurugi.


Videtra Reynaldi (The Indonesian Anime Times)

After two TV seasons and three movie adaptations (4 if you count High*Speed!), the famous “Swimming Anime” known as Free! is back for another season! Similar to the previous season, Free! Dive to the Future went straight to introducing us to new characters. These new characters also play an important role in the potential conflict that revolves around Haruka and Makoto’s middle school days.

In Free! Dive to the Future we can see that Haruka finally managed to be more open towards others (although he still bears that “don’t get too close on me” aura). Fans might be excited to see the new characters take on the spotlight, but considering Free! focuses heavily on character relationships, newcomers might consider watching the first season beforehand.

Facts and Figures

Alternate Title Free!-Dive to the Future-
Source Material Loose adaptation of High*Speed! light novel by Kouji Ooji
Casts Daisuke Hirakawa as Rei Ryugazaki
Mamoru Miyano as Rin Matsuoka
Nobunaga Shimazaki as Haruka Nanase
Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Makoto Tachibana
Tsubasa Yonaga as Nagisa Hazuki
Kenichi Suzumura as Momotaro Mikoshiba
Kouki Miyata as Aiichiro Nitori
Kouki Uchiyama as Ikuya Kirishima
Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Asahi Shiina
Yoshimasa Hosoya as Sosuke Yamazaki
Atsushi Abe as Romio Hayahune
Kenji Nojima as Natsuya Kirishima
Ryohei Kimura as Hiyori Toono
Ryou Hirohashi as Ayumu Kunikida
Satoshi Hino as Nao Serizawa
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Shizuru Isurugi
Director Eisaku Kawanami (Free! -Take Your Marks-)
Character Design Futoshi Nishiya (Hyouka, A Silent Voice)
Opening Theme Heading to Over by OLDCODEX
Studio Kyoto Animation, Animation DO
Official Website
Broadcast Date 11 July 2018 (17:15 GMT), 12 July 2018 (00:15 WIT/02:15 JST)

Screenshots and Trailer

©Ooji Kouji・Kyoto Animation/Iwatobi City Committee
©Ooji Kouji・Kyoto Animation/Iwatobi City Committee
©Ooji Kouji・Kyoto Animation/Iwatobi City Committee
©Ooji Kouji・Kyoto Animation/Iwatobi City Committee
©Ooji Kouji・Kyoto Animation/Iwatobi City Committee

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