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Summer 2021 Anime: D_CIDE TRAUMEREI The Animation

Information and commentary from summer 2021 anime D_CIDE TRAUMEREI The Animation

“BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia 1: Promise” Anime Film to be...

On their social media, Muse Indonesia has confirmed that "BanG Dream!: Episode of Roselia" part 1 will be released in Indonesian cinemas

“D4DJ First Mix” Anime Review: A Pleasing Addition to The Franchise

"D4DJ First Mix" presents the feel-good tales of the DJ girls with well-integrated songs and emotionally expressive CG animation.

Fall 2020 Anime: D4DJ First Mix

Information and commentary from fall 2020 anime D4DJ First Mix


Where to Watch Winter 2023 Anime: KAORI Nusantara Winter 2023 Streaming...

From Netflix, iQIYI, Muse Asia, to Bilibili Apps, here are the lists of streaming services to watch the winter 2023 anime legally

(Opinion) Bringing the Media Mix Back to Magical Girl Anime Discourse

Popular discourse on magical girl anime approach it mainly through exploring similarities and variations in story or thematic contents, but more attention needs to be paid to variations in media mix models.

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