Desya, or also known as Dedeh, is a singer who is also a member of MAHAGENTA band, a band founded by Indonesian musicians from different provinces and ethnic styles of music. She also had a solo carreer as a singer, releasing one song titled “Kembali” (Return) at HP Records/Musica Studios. And of course, she also sang the Indonesian version Sailor Moon theme song, Moonlight Densetsu.

The single “Kembali” that Desya released in the 90s

Singing the Indonesian version of Sailor Moon theme song was a unique experience, and even still quite mysterious, because now, she does not remember where she had recorded the song, and who recruited her to sing that song. She even confessed that she doesn’t know much about Sailor Moon, and she is not a huge fan of anime.

Desya’s encounter with Sailor Moon began when she was offered to sing for a cartoon in 1995-1996. She was a college student at the time and she didn’t know much about the cartoon, because she had stopped watching cartoons. But as a professional singer, she accepted the offer to sing it and did it as a professional. When she was asked about her opinion of that song, or what she felt when she sang the song that has became a legend among fans, she answered honestly that at that time, it did not feel special. She did it purely as a professional.

Sailor Moon opening sequence with the Indonesian version of the theme song. Is it really Desya’s voice?

Desya had made her career at the time when anime was mainly consumed by kids. She was actually aware that the song was the theme for Sailor Moon, and she was aware that it’s translated from Japanese. But when the anime had aired on Indosiar, she did not watch it, although she claimed that her family and friends recognized Desya’s voice as the singer of the theme song. Otherwise, Desya has no relation with Sailor Moon, and she never took part in the bustling anime fandom in Indonesia. But she still remembers Sailor Moon as a part of her music career

So, how did Desya appear again now and recognized as the singer of the Indonesian version of Sailor Moon theme song?  It began on social media.

She initially joined a nostalgia grup on Facebook. A member posted the Indonesian version of Sailor Moon theme song in that group, and Desya then responded that she was the singer of that song. This caught the interest of some members of Sailor Moon Indonesia Community that are also members in that grup.

In 2018, Desya tried to sing the Sailor Moon song again

Sailor Moon Indonesia Community, as its name suggests, is a grup of Sailor Moon fans from all over indonesia, where the members can interact with each other, and share information about the warrior girl that Naoko Takeuchi created.

When contacted by KAORI, Sailor Moon Indonesia Community was at that time represented by Jakarta administrators, Rima and Jun. They recounted that the member who discovered that Desya was the singer of the Indonesian version of Sailor Moon theme song was Mahdesi. Through Mahdesi, Desya was introduced to Sailor Moon Indonesia Community. At first, not all of the members believe that claim. But later, they started to believe it after they have listened directly Desya performing the song.

Desya with Rima (center) and Jun (right) of Sailor Moon Indonesia Community at Indonesia Comic Con 2018

After knowing Sailor Moon Indonesia Community, Desya herself was shocked. She had never thought that Sailor Moon has many fans in Indonesia, and that some of the members are men. She was also shocked to know that Sailor Moon is not just a series for kids, but has also became a major brand in popular, with derivative products that can often be very expensive and has dedicated collectors.

As mentioned before, Desya really didn’t know anything about Sailor Moon, and only recently she learned that Sailor Moon does not fight alone, but with other Sailors. But Desya said that she is happy to know Sailor Moon Indonesia Community, and because of them, Desya now knows more about Sailor Moon, a series that has became a part of her life.


Last but not least, as a singer, Desya suggests to others to never waste a good chance, whatever it is, because such a chance may never come again. Desya appeared to have some regrets about a time in the past when she couldn’t focus on her career. But, she is happy that she can keep singing with MAHAGENTA that has been active since 1996.

Desya performing at Indonesia Comic Con 2018

To conclude, what’s Desya’s opinion about Sailor Moon after she had known more about it?

“if I knew Sailor Moon would be so popular, I would have watched it!”

The Indonesian Anime Times | Original report and photography by Dody Kusumanto | Translated by Dodi Imam Muktasid

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