Now that we know that there are many people who continue to watch anime in Ramadan, we tried to ask which anime they consider suitable for watching in the month of Ramadan and the results obtained are quite unexpected.

The first choice fell to the absurd comedy anime Nichijou, with 17 respondents recommending this title. This 2011 Kyoto Animation title tells the story about the daily lives of various characters that can be said to be a little out of the box. Some of its comedies and jokes are indeed still difficult to be understood by Indonesian viewers, but it is generally deemed as entertaining. The story is fairly relaxed, funny, and having no fansercvice, making this old anime quite worth watching when waiting for the break. As said by some respondents:

“Entertaining, could make me laugh out loud. It makes me lost track of time and suddenly it is almost Maghrib.”

“Because it is random but very funny. Laughing = praying = Pahala.”

© Keichii Arawi – Kadokawa Shoten / Shinonome Lab

The second recommendation, unexpectedly, had been the science fiction anime Steins; Gate, far from being relaxed and funny as we might think of an anime suitable for Ramadan. For your information, this anime happens to be airing in the month of Ramadan last year with the title Steins; Gate 0. Apparently, a complicated story can be entertainment for some people, as expressed by this respondent:

“The heavy plot makes me forget about the hunger and suddenly it is the call for Magrib already.”

© 2018 MAGES. / KADOKAWA / STEINS;GATE 0 Partners

From what was an ongoing season, there was Hinamatsuri. The story of Hina’s ignorance, Anzu’s innocence, and Hitomi’s absurdity combined with the life of Japanese yakuza are entertaining enough to kill time during the day, as this respondent said:

“Slice of life comedy anime that is suitable to be watched with family while waiting for the break.”

© 2018 Masao Otake • Published by KADOKAWA

Shokugeki no Souma was recommended by 10 respondents. Although sometimes dubbed the food porn anime, perhaps the reason for recommending this title is more because of the cooking scene where food itself is an integral part during Ramadan. Maybe by looking at the foods that are served, it can inspire the audiences for their menu or even as a test of faith. Some respondents said:

“I am very hungry in the noon and seeing people eating, it is indescribable.”

“The recipe can be inspiration for the menu.”

© Shun Saeki, Shueisha, J.C. Staff, Shokugeki Production Committee

Other recommended titles include Yuru Camp , Barakamon, Natsume Yuujinchou, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, Captain Tsubasa, and My Hero Academia. There are also other titles which, because the voters are too few, are not included in this order. But it can be concluded that most of them tend to be slice of life, and comedy that aren’t exhausting and have few sexualized content.

In addition to watching anime, we also asked about the habit of playing gacha games. For those who are not satisfied with just watching anime, attempting to draw their favorite characters from the lottery-like gacha mechanic can be an alternative entertainment. But only 44% of the respondents said that they also played gacha games in Ramadan.


When asked what game they are playing, the answer that appears the most is Fate / Grand Order. The game adapted from the Type-Moon Fate series has indeed been quite popular for a long time.

© Cygames, Inc.

The second position fell to Granblue Fantasy. The story is set in a fantasy world where players will explore using an airship with various kinds of people they meet during the trip. This game is quite popular among other gacha games because of the story element in it.

The next are Honkai Impact 3rd, Love Live School Idol Festival, Mobile Legends, and BanG Dream.

Is there a specific time when players usually draw their gacha during Ramadan? If you look at the graph above, there is no significant difference between one time and another, with the spread of time looking more evenly compared to the time to watch anime. The highest activity of gacha occurs during the night after tarawih prayer, the same as watching anime, followed by day time after Zuhur and when eating suhoor. The time of tarawih prayer is the time when least people draw gacha because people are usually busy praying at that time.

Some respondents who draw gacha at night had quite unique reasons about why they draw gacha at that time:

“So, if I got a bad draw, I could scream away like I don’t care. 

“Usually got bad draw in the daytime.”

“So, I could curse without any fear of spoiling the fast.”

“So, I could not get a sore throat because of the salt.”

“Usually I got SSRs but it seems the more I play, the worse I get.”

There is also interesting comment for those who draw gacha after the Subuh (morning prayer):

“It’s for a blessed morning, don’t go to sleep immediately. Not good for digestion.”

Meanwhile, a respondent who plays Toji no Miko said:

“I only choose one answer. The real answer is as soon as my rainbow stone can be used, I immediately draw 10 + 1.”

Those who choose the time before breaking the fast also comment:

“It’s okay at any time because I don’t believe in superstitions.”

“Because I want to get SSR Kasumi.”

In conclusion, even in Ramadan, there are still many people who want to do entertainment activities, including watching anime and playing games. Of course, with a little modification adjusted to the time of praying in Ramadan. In essence, enjoy Ramadan!

The Indonesian Anime Times | Written by Razif Kurniawan from KAORI Newsline | Translated by Keinda D. Adilia with editing by Videtra Reynaldi

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