On October 10, the official Facebook account of Creators Super Fest has announced that Sally Amaki will come to Jakarta, Indonesia, to attend Creators Super Fest 2019, which will be held on October 26-27. The character she voiced, Sakura Fujima, that is one of the members of 22/7 (Nanabun no Nijuuni) idol group, has also greeted fans at Creators Super Fest 2019 in Surabaya which has been held on August 31-September 1.

22/7 is an idol group created by Yasushi AkimotoAniplex, and Sony Music Records. The group has already released four singles since their debut in 2017 and an anime series about the group is set to premiere on January 2020.

Creators Super Fest is an annual creative event held in various countries in Asia. In 2019, Creators Super Fest in Indonesia is held in two cities, the first is in Surabaya on Saturday and Sunday, August 31-September 1, 2019 at Chameleon Hall Tunjungan Plaza 6, Surabaya. The second is in Jakarta on Saturday and Sunday, October 26- 27, 2019 at SMESCO Exhibition Hall Jakarta. The guest stars in the Jakarta event includes guest cosplayers Lea & Mikki, Ming Tao, and Rithe, featured guest Amaki Sally, guest illustrators Krenz, Soyatu, and Tiyan Muhammad, guest musicians such as Lazurite, Nanairo Symphony, OTAGROOVE, Rainych, REDSHiFT, SOBA, and WILDPARTY, and also guest virtual talents such as Mintchan, KMNZ, Maya Putri, Hana Macchia, Taka Radjiman, and ZEA Cornelia.

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