On Thursday (10/10), Indonesian legal anime streaming portal Ponimu has announced that they are opening free premium access during fall season 2019. The free premium access has been opened since October 10, 2019 (1200 WIB). Users can also access simulcasted shows and feature films in Ponimu’s library.

In addition, Ponimu intends to review the demand from anime fans in Indonesia. So, users are asked to fill out a survey during the free premium period. Ponimu also wants to measure the interest of anime fans in Indonesia in watching anime legally.

Ponimu is a legal anime streaming portal with Indonesian subtitle founded in 2018. Ponimu has two types of access that are free and premium access. Some of the titles that air on Ponimu include Maquia, Maou-sama Retry!, Rifle is Beautiful, etc.

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