At the Comic Frontier XI event which was held on 18-19 August 2018, representatives from Ponimu Indonesia went on stage to talk more regarding the anime streaming service. During the stage session, there were announcements made, including five new titles that will be available in 2018!

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Through the second patch which is scheduled to be released at the end of August, Ponimu is adding a few new titles in its lineup, one of them is Project Itoh: Harmony which has been announced in the previous patch notes. In addition, there will be five titles that Ponimu will release in the future, which are:

  1. Girls und Panzer
  2. Tari-Tari
  3. Canaan
  4. Polyphonica Crimson S
  5. Higashi no Eden: King of Eden and Paradise Lost

These five titles will be available on Ponimu soon, but please wait for further announcement for the exact date of their availability.

Furthermore, Ponimu is in the middle of preparing for launching simulcast titles in October or this year’s fall season. Simulcast is a method of streaming an anime episode at the same time or shortly after its premiere in Japan. What titles will Ponimu bring for the simulcast? Look forward to it!

About Ponimu Indonesia

Ponimu Indonesia is a simulcast anime streaming site which has been launched in July 2018. The site will contain legal anime brought from Japan with Indonesian language subtitles. Ponimu also offer HD quality videos so that user can watch their favourite anime with best quality.

Ponimu cooperates with professional translators who are going to work on the anime subtitle based on the Japanese text provided by the production committee. This ensure the quality and precision of the translation.

Ponimu has also associated with various licensors, such as Hakuhodo and FCC and approached other big licensors, namely Production Reed, TV Tokyo, and Aniplex.

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