In early August 2018, fans of Detective Conan series could once again see the latest theatrical film in the series, Detective Conan: Zero The Enforcer, at cinemas in Indonesia.

In this occasion, a fan community called Conan Fans Club had held group viewing events in 7 big cities in Indonesia. For Jabodetabek (Jakarta-Bogor-Depok-Tangerang-Bekasi) Region, this event was held at CGV Teraskota, BSD City, South Tangerang. What was the event like?

A diverse range of participants!

I attended the event on Sunday, 5 August 2018, in CGV Teraskota, BSD City, South Tangerang.  Since 10 AM, the front area of the cinema had been crowded by fans. In contrast to many Japanese-themed events, participants were not dominated by teens and young adults, but there were even some married couples with their children as well. Some of the audience did cosplay as characters from the Detective Conan series.

After being allowed to enter the cinema, the organizer invited the audience to play interesting games. Exactly at 12 PM, the screening for the film started. The atmosphere while watching the film with a group of fans was different from watching a film casually. Occasionally, the fans could be heard discussing the plot points. They also cheered together when there were spectacular scenes in the film. They were even more amazed as there was a surprise in the after-credit scene.

After the film ended, a photo session was held with all the fans and the staff. After exiting the cinema, there were some fans who talked to another, as well as some who asked to take pictures together with cosplayers who participated in the event.

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I also talked to one of the fans for a while. Agum, a fan from East Jakarta (who would later receive the door prize), confessed that this was the first time of joining a group viewing with an anime community. He was satisfied by the work of the staff could held the event according to plan. He also hoped that next time, there can be a gathering event for Detective Conan fans nationwide.

The door prizes

After the film screening, the event continues with the distribution of door prizes for lucky participants. The distributed prizes were also astonishing, starting from official poster of Detective Conan: Zero The Enforcer, wireless 4G modem, to virtual reality (VR) gear. Before ending the event, the fans, staff, and media partners who came a to the event took their pictures together.

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