Daisuki Japan! Wonder Pop Matsuri had been held on Sunday, March 13, 2016, in UMM Dome Malang, East Java. Organized by Japan Culture Daisuki, this event, which , held in . This event was attended by many communities, music groups, and cosplayers from Malang. The audience who came to this event were also entertained with the coming of Mika Kobayashi as guest star, along with the performance of cosplayer Aqua Nanami and Sword choreography which performed from Samurai Sword Art group KAMUI.

In this event, there were a total of three stages that can be found, North Stage, South Stage, and the Wonder Stage where guest stars performed from 17.00 WIT (West Indonesia Time). The gate was opened at 10.00 WIT, and even before the event  started, a pretty long queue can already be seen in front of the ticket booths.

On the north stage, the event started with a karaoke contest. In the south stage, the opener is the performance of Kiseki. The Audience started to gather around there when Kiseki performed their song.

Near the entrance, there was a special spot for Indonesian Itasha Community to displayed their vehicles

Around the venue, some cosplayers who attended the event took some pictures with the visitors.

Unfortunately, the event slightly delayed because the rain poured in the afternoon. After it ended, the event continued.

In the north stage, the visitors were enthusiastic while watching the 1000% Boyz’s performance on stage. Because of that, the space in front of the stage looked very crowded even though the rain just barely finished.

At 17.00 WIT, the gate of the Wonder Stage was opened. Some of the visitors head to UMM dome to watch the performance of Mika Kobayashi and other guest star. As the event came near to its end, Escape, Zennith, and JAV performed in the South Stage and North Stage.

In the Wonder Stage, the concert started at 18.00 WIT by with performance from Aqua Nanami. The cute coplayer delivered some fan-favorite anisongs like the ending song of One Punch Man, Hoshi yori Saki ni Mitsukete Ageru, and Minori Chihara’s Kyoukai no Kanata, which is the opening song of an anime with the same name. Even though originally she is not a singer, but she successfully opened that concert. Some spectators who knew those songs sang along with her. Some spectators also passionately chanted “Oi..Oi..Oi” together, rousing the atmosphere.

After Aqua Nanami warmed up the UMM dome, then it was Mika Kobayashi’s turn to entertain the audience. The singer who is known for her collaboration with the composer Hiroyuki Sawano surprised the audience who already waiting for her by appearing as second perfomer. Mika sang some of her popular songs like Attack on Titan, which is the insert song of an anime with same name, βioς from Guilty Crown, and Me & Creed and Call Me Later from Blue Exorcist. Her performances put the Audiences inside UMM Dome in high spirits. Just like Aqua Nanami’s performance before, some of the audience sang the song along with her. some also waved the light sticks they brought with them or chantsing out loud.

After entertaining her fans, Mika walked off the stage and let KAMUI demonstrate their sword art technique. This time, KAMUI entertained UMM Dome audiences by showing beautiful sword choreography. The audience  calmly  watched their beautiful move, which was led by swordmaster Tetsuro Shimaguchi. Once in a while the audiences gave their applause when master Shimaguchi did some moves that caught their interest.

In the middle of KAMUI’s act, Mika, once again, surprised the audiences. This time she went upstage and accompanied master Shimaguchi’s sword choreography with her elegant solo keyboard. Their collaboration successfully amused the audiences. This time, audiences were giving them even more applause

After KAMUI ended their collaboration with Mika, She entertained the audiences again and sang her other songs. After some calm original songs accompanied by her solo keyboard play, the atmosphere started to pick up heat when she sang other anime soundtracks, including the soundtrack of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, EGO. The atmosphere became more heated when she sang the insert song from Studio Trigger’s Kill La Kill, Before My Body is Dry. Lightsticks were waved, and the audience sang along with Mika, especially the refrain part. Together, they shouted “Don’t lose your waaayyyy…..” as loud as they can.

At the end of the concert, Mika delivered another popular song from the anime Aldnoah Zero, BRE@THLESS. It made the atmosphere even more lively. Together, the audiences clapped their hands, matching music’s beats. Kaori’s staff also discovered an audience who brought a lightsaber replica and wave it among other lightsticks.

12871455_10206037265879677_8022245517034753653_n copy

After the concert, Mika Kobayashi invited KAMUI to came on stage and gave their last greeting to audiences. Some fans shouted “encore,” but Mika and the other guest stars only smiled while hearing their request. Interestingly, before she left the stage, Mika left a message saying “see you next year,” as if to imply that she will come back in next year’s event. Would she?

Though it was slightly disturbed by a rain, overall, this event was running smoothly and well.

The Indonesian Anime Times | report by M Hafizh Andifaisa with translation by Dany Muhammad

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