The duet of hope and despair is once again echoing through the murky corridors of Despair Academy. The crossover event between NetEase Games’ 1v4 asymmetrical competition mobile game, Identity V, and the renowned murder mystery adventure game, Super Danganronpa 2, has launched on December 7th, 2020 (Monday). Various popular characters from Super Danganronpa 2 will make an appearance at the Oletus Manor. Do you have what it takes to rewrite your fate amid nerve-racking pursuits and thrilling escapes?

A Crossover Event Filled with Surprises

Super Danganronpa 2 is the second installment in the Danganronpa series. The game is set on an isolated island located in the South Pacific Ocean named “Jabberwock Island,” where 16 students from Hope’s Peak Academy set out on a school trip filled with despair.

The new crossover event also comes with all-new content, including the Prospector’s S Costume – Hajime Hinata, the Mercenary’s A Costume – Nagito Komaeda, the Mechanic’s A Costume – Chiaki Nanami, and the Doctor’s A Costume – Mikan Tsumiki. Various new items will also be made available, such as the new Pet – Monomi and the Mechanic’s Accessory – Usami’s Magic Stick, making each pursuit a refreshing experience again!

Content from the first crossover event will also make a limited-time comeback during this event, including Guard 26’s S Costume – Monokuma, the Coordinator’s A Costume – Kyoko Kirigiri, Lucky Guy’s A Costume – Makoto Naegi, the Barmaid’s A Costume – Enoshima Junko, and Guard 26’s SS Accessory – Mono Mono Machine. The flame of despair has rekindled! Are you ready to take on new challenges?

Characters Make Their Debut Along with Their Despair

The “Ultimate ???” and main protagonist of this story, Hajime Hinata, is a new student who just entered his dream school, Hope’s Peak Academy. Under his seemingly ordinary facade hides an overwhelming sense of righteousness and compassion that provide him with the strength to get through even the most dreadful of eventsDoes he have what it takes to take hold of his fate?

The “Ultimate Lucky Student” Nagito Komaeda believes in the power of his companions and that hope never falters even in desperate situations. The Mercenary also has such brilliant survival skills. When he becomes Nagito Komaeda, can he evade the Hunter’s pursuit and buy enough time for his companions to escape?

The “Ultimate Gamer” Chiaki Nanami is an introverted girl who becomes exceptionally focused when playing video games. She is particularly good at strategy games as well as any other genres. The Mechanic is also well-versed in mechanical engineering and specializes in manipulating a mechanical doll. With the combined knowledge of the two, there will surely be a mechanical revolution in the manor.

The “Ultimate Nurse” Mikan Tsumiki lives by her motto, “sacrifice herself for others.” She’s in charge of nursing the students when they’re sick or wounded. Coincidentally, the manor also has the “Doctor,” who also lives by a similar creed. What will their union bring about?

A limited-edition Magical Girl Usami Package will also be available during the crossover event. The half-pinkhalf-white Monomi is remodeled after the original Monokuma and will become available as a petAlso, players who play as the Mechanic can equip Usami’s Magic Stick and change the Mechanic’s doll’s outfit into the adorable Usami’s costume.

Crossover Benefits and Amazing Rewards

During the crossover event, log in to the game to participate in the consecutive check-in event and unlock special crossover rewards. In addition, there will be multiplayer interactive battle events and various activities that giveaway a total of 10 Crossover Essences and other items as rewards!

The manor is once again shrouded in despairwhere therefaith, there is hope! 

The Identity V X Danganronpa Crossover II Event invites you to solve the mystery, identify the critical pieces to the puzzle, and strive for hope amid despair!

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