As previously reported, the first volume of Fate/strange Fake, one of the novels that Indonesian publisher m&c! plans to release in Indonesia in 2021 through its novel publishing imprint Clover, has been available for pre-order between 5 April 2021 until 12 April 2021. It has then been confirmed by weekly listing of new comic book releases for the third week of April 2021 that the novel is scheduled to be shipped on 21 April 2021. As noted previosuly the product page for the pre-order listed the book with 17+ rating, printed on book paper with 8 art paper color pages included, and will retail for IDR 98,000 (about US$ 6.7).

© Ryohgo Narita · TYPE-MOON / ASCII MEDIA WORKS © m&c!

Fate/strange Fake centers around a Grail War copied from the Third Holy Grail War in Fuyuki by an organization from the United States separate from the London-based Mage Association using data taken from Fuyuki’s Grail War, with the city of Snowfield used as the Sacred Land. Since they are unable to successfully copy every aspect of the ritual, the imitation War lost the Saber class and allows strange Servants being summoned due to the definition of a “hero” being blurred. The Mage’s Association sends Rohngall and his pupil, Faldeus, to investigate the anomalous war.

The novel is one of many side stories coming from TYPE-MOON‘s Fate series. Ryohgo Narita writes the story with illustration by Shizuki Morii who also draws the manga version. Since 2015, six volumes of novel and three volumes of the manga has been published at the time of this writing.

Clover has first revealed that it has licensed Fate/strange Fake in an Instagram post in December 2020 along with Sword Art Online, both of which were planned to be released in Indonesia in 2021.

m&c! is a comics publisher under the Kompas-Gramedia group. Other than publishing manga, the publisher also publishes Disney comics magazines, and books, Hong Kong martial arts comics, as well as Indonesian comics under the Koloni imprint. The publisher also has the Akasha imprint for mature comics and the Clover imprint for domestic and translated novels.

DISCLAIMER: the availability of books at bookstores / agents may differ from the planned schedule, especially for regions outside of Java island To obtain accurate information regarding the availability of the book, it is advised to contact the Customer Service of your stores of choice for confirmation.

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