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Is There a Future for Light Novels in Indonesia? A Brief...

KAORI looks back at how licensed light novels have been doing in Indonesia before the release of highly popular "Sword Art Online" in 2021.

First Volume of “Fate/strange fake” One of Clover’s Best-Selling Books in...

Beside "Fate/strange fake", another Japanese novel in Clover's best-seller list for the first half of 2021 is "Psychic Detective Yakumo Another Files: The Dead's Wish".

“Fate/strange Fake” Scheduled to be Shipped in Indonesia in April 2021

The first volume of Ryohgo Narita's "Fate/strange Fake" has been confirmed to be shipped in Indonesia in the third week of April 2021.

Pre-Orders Opened for “Fate/strange Fake” Novel from m&c!’s Novel Imprint Clover

Pre-orders for the first volume of "Fate/strange Fake" to be published in Indonesia by m&c!'s novel imprint Clover has been opened for a limited time.

m&c!’s Clover Imprint to Release “Sword Art Online” and “Fate/strange Fake”...

As new year comes, prepare yourself for these 2 new titles that will be published in Indonesia soon.


Staff Picks: 7 Football Anime and Manga

What is your favourite football anime and manga? In this article, the contributors of KAORI Nusantara shared their opinion.

IGDX Conference 2022: The Pandemic, Web3 Games, and the Indonesia Game...

After being held as online activity due pandemic, this year IGDX Conference was held as offline activity in Bali. Here is the report.

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