VNG Corp plans to release Cloud Song: Saga of Skywalker soon in 2021. It is an RPG game that will be available in South East Asia especially for Indonesia in 2021. RPG is still known as the favorite genre for Indonesian gamers. It reached up to 40% of the total of 100 Million Indonesian gamers in 2021.

Cloud Song: Saga of Skywalker invites everyone to explore a city above the sky. In your journey and exploration, you will be controlling a cute character with an Exquisite classic Europe animation style.

Enjoying a beautiful world that you can explore together with your friends will not be enough without some activity, Cloud Song offers 5 Classes that you can pick and party up together. The Classes are Mage, Archer, Swordsman, Oracle, and Rogue.

Choose the class that fits your style. Not to forget, you can increase the skill of your character through level up, equipment upgrade, or the unique Rune System. All the Evolve will help your character power and attack on the battlefield.

To add the depth of your character, you can design it to symbolize your own persona in Cloud Song: Saga of Skywalker. You can change the face feature, hair style, as well as the eyes of your character to match the persona that you want to show.

To make your journey more spectacular, Cloud Song: Saga of Skywalker offers a Pet System that will accompany your journey and battle. Every Pet has their own element, such as Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth. These pets will be able to join your fight, able to be upgraded, and have their own rarity class.

For Players who like the challenge of PVP and PVE mode, Cloud Song: Saga of Skywalker offers various modes with many rewards. You can fight offline to get a medal, do Guild War to get the resource that will benefit your character, duel or PK to get the title Champion and Exclusive Frame, or join cross server war in Star & Moon Battlefield.

To those who like PVE, Cloud Song: Saga of Skywalker offers various PVE features at a scheduled time everyday. The PVE will cover various modes and Bosses that you have to defeat to get plenty of rewards.

Cloud Song: Saga of Skywalker that will be released by VNG Corp invites all players to enjoy the features inside the game. This was said by “QUOTE” Name and occupation.

Aside from that, VNG Corp also offers plenty of rewards in the pre-registration that will be held on 23 July to 17 August 2021. “QUOTE welcome you all to the Pre-registration and events” Name and occupation.

Don’t miss out on the prizes that you can get just by pre-registering yourself on this link.

Join our Pre-Registration event on the website, summon as much as you can to get a chance of claiming the big rewards such as Playstation 5, Iphone 12 Pro Max, or Asus TUF F15 Laptop. These rewards are exclusive for the region of Singapore,Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines.

Pre-register will last from 23 July to 17 August 2021. Pre-register now to get the latest information about Cloud Song: Saga of Skywalker and plenty of rewards that you don’t want to miss out.

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