An Indonesian game developer Wisageni Studio had announced the development of their next game project. The game will be a K-Pop manager simulation game titled KISS: K-pop Idol StorieS – Road to Debut, scheduled to be released on PC via Steam and consoles in 2022.

In KISS, players will take on the role of a K-pop idol manager tasked with finding talents, managing talent activities, managing finances, social media, to clothing and music for talents. Players are challenged to transform their talents into the latest K-pop idols. There are 120 diverse and interesting activities to choose from in managing talent. Of course, whatever the players do will have an impact on the growth, budget, and attitude of the talents.

On their website, Wisageni Studio has listed the game feature:

  • Diverse Talents.
    Recruit Up to 5 trainees with different characteristics and background stories.
  • Original K-Pop Soundtrack.
    K-pop Soundtracks to choose as the debut single,
    produced by professional Musicians specifically for the game.
  • Extensive Programs.
    120+ schedules to master, unlock and balance between the limited budget.
  • Multiple Choices and Multiple Endings.
    Your choices matter. Your decision may bring you to the top, or break down everything you’ve built.
  • Business Development.
    Build a good image with the fans, media, and the rest of the production team in the label through Social Media and Messenger.
  • Beautiful Design and Hand Painted Artworks.
    Choose the Fashion Style that matches your idol’s image to wear on their debut.

Founded in January 2015, Wisageni Studio is a game studio based in the Special Region of Yogyakarta. Before d KISS, the studio has developed various games for PC and android, including Living in 2020, Nonstop Show/Ngamen Nonstop, Crazy Cargo, Ultimate Tower, and Conjurer. Last September, Wisageni Studio was also listed as one of the game companies that represent Indonesia in the Tokyo Games Show 2021.

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