On Wednesday (20/4), comic publisher m&c! announced their plan to publish some new Japanese comics in Indonesia. Through their official Facebook fanpages, they posted a photo of Haikyuu!! and Tokyo Ghoul comics.

Until this news written it is still uncertain about when those two series will be released. Both release date and price hasn’t been announced by m&c!. But they wrote “soon” on their Facebook fanpage.

Tokyo Ghoul is a comic series created by Sui Ishida. The series told about Ken Kaneki who one day witnessed a murder action done by some human predator being called Ghoul. The anime series has been aired for 2 seasons. The first season of this anime aired on summer 2014 ago, or around July to September 2014. The second seasons aired on the beginning of 2015. This series has also being adapted into game.

While Haikyuu!! is a comic series created by Haruchi Furudate. This comic was serialized for the first time at Weekly Shonen Jump on Februari 2012. The series told about a high school student named Shoyo Hinata who loves volleyball so much despite of his short body. Eventhough some people mocked his short body, he still tried his best to become a good volleyball player. This comic series has also being adapted into two seasons of anime, and recently the third season is still in progress.

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