On Saturday (13/11), Ozysoft has released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming games Project Buramato. The trailer mentioned that the game is targeted to be released in 2023 on multiple platforms. For the PC version, it will be available on Steam.

The steam page describes Project Buramato as a fast-paced semi open-world 3D Action-Adventure video game where the player will explore an ancient place called Lands of the Old Lords. Ozysoft’s development blog explained that the game is inspired by the tales from Dayak Paser, one of the tribes who inhabit Borneo island. The world and universe design of the game are also heavily inspired by Bornean cultures.

Here’s the list of Project Buramanto features:

  • 3D Action-shooter platformer video games in high fantasy settings of traditional Bornean folktales.
  • Play the game in fast-paced Third-person action.
  • Minimalistic storytelling, focused on Atmosphere.
  • Fight mystical creatures on a magic-focused shooter gameplay.
  • Explore the mysterious land of the old lords in beautiful semi-open world environments.

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Ozysoft is an Indonesian indie game studio based in Balikpapan, East Borneo. Founded in 2013, Ozysoft released its first game, Pulang: Insanity, on March 13, 2020. During its development, Pulang: Insanity is awarded as the best game application in BEKRAF developer day 2017.

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