The publisher Katalis Pustaka announced on Friday (13/5) that they will release a new comic series in Indonesia. Through their facebook fanpage, the publisher has planned to release ReLIFE comic series in Indonesia.

In the announcement, it is stated that they will release it this year. But as of the writing of this report, the release date and the retail price of this comic has yet to be made known.

ReLIFE itself is a comic series written by Yayoiso. The comic was first released by NHN PlayArt in Comico website on October 12th, 2013. the series tells about a 27 years old unemployed named Arata Kaizaki. One day, he met his friend named Ryo Yoake who offered him to join an experiment. In that experiment, Arata Kaizaki was given a medicine that could turn him into a 17 years old boy again. With that experiment, he begun to live again his youth life as a high schooler and tried to fix every mistake that he has done before. In his new school, he met a beautiful student but also a silent person, named Chizuru Hishiro.

Recently it has been issued that this comic series will be adapted into an anime series. The anime will be aired on the next July. For the production of this anime, it will be handled by TMS Entertainment.

ReLIFE will also be adapted into a stage play. The show for the stage play is planned to be held in Tokyo and Osaka. It has been scheduled for the next autumn.

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