Unlike in Indonesia, Islam is a minority religion in Japan and not well-known by the people there. Most of the Muslims living in Japan are foreigners, although there are some native Japanese too. Those Muslims usually build a community to help facilitate worship practices or to arrange social activities.

One of such communities is Shizuoka Muslim Association. Recently, the community had arranged an internship program for non-Muslims to work at the organization, helping them in organizing its events and Islamic activities. One of the activities they held was the Hijab Day event, as shown in the photo below.

Recently, one intern has completed her internship in Shizuoka Muslim Association as she had worked there for 18 months. Though the intern’s name is not mentioned, she received a certificate and a bouquet of flowers from Muslim in Japan to celebrate it. She also showed it happily as seen in her photo.

islaminjapanmedia.org writes that Shizuoka Muslim Association is very grateful with her job. The site also praises her good job with productivity, responsibility, and excellent work ethics, while helping Shizuoka Muslim Association in the many events they held.

The site also writes that Shizuoka Muslim Association would like to share this message to all Muslim communities around the world, that the program of non-Muslim working at a Muslim organization proved to be successful. It helps to get better perspective to reach the hearts of people in their communities.

Shizuoka Muslim Association is a muslim organization that focuses to introduce Islam in Japan, as well to help muslim living in Shizuoka to do religious activities. Recently they also create a short anime to campaign for the establishment of Shizuoka Masjid (mosque).

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