Indonesian game publisher UPoint Games announced that they will release their new game Cursed Mansion on 13 January 2023. The game will be available on PC via Steam.

Cursed Mansion is developed by Bandung-based developers Dragon Emperors. The game tells the story of Rose, a girl who is trapped inside the  titular Cursed Mansion, a demonic space that preys and feeds on fear & despair. Players must help Rose escape and uncover the mystery behind the mansion.

The game is a horror RPG that features puzzle elements, branching paths, and pixel art, inspired by horror films and games such as Ju-On, Insidious, The Witch’s House, and Layers of Fear. The developer stated that game will also feature randomly generated events, so that each venture into the mansion will provide a different play experience.

The Dragon Emperors’ website lists these features below for Cursed Mansion:

  • Non-Linear Survival Horror: The cursed mansion is vast and full of enigmas. Choose whether to search ways to escape or try to solve the mystery within.
  • Explore a mansion full of rooms carefully crafted and designed to unnerve, combined with uncanny audio to make it more immersive.
  • Interact with ease as interactable objects will have icons denoting them.
  • The game will keep track of what important milestones have been achieved in a save file, which can be checked on the save/load screen.
  • Experience a different series of events in each playthrough. Some events could lead to different outcomes depending on what has happened beforehand. Some actions could lead to different stories and/or endings.

According to the developers, development for Cursed Mansion started in 2018 for a contest. The game received a positive response from Square Enix Collective, an indie games awareness project initiated by Phil Elliot and Square Enix Europe. The game was also showcased at BEKRAF Game Prime in 2019, and entered the Indigo Game Startup Incubation (IGSI) program in 2019, an incubation program created by Agate, Telkom, and Melon Indonesia to help local Indonesian startups. The game was finally released as an Early Access game on Steam in April 2021.

Cursed Mansion will be the first PC game published by UPoint Games. Previously, the publisher has released free-to-play games for mobile like Lokapala and Arena Masters 2. In their press release, UPoint Games promises to collaborate with more Indonesian game developers and publish more Indonesian games overseas, considering the positive development of Indonesian game studios and the growing market for Indonesian games.

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