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Operating since 2008, KAORI Nusantara has been continuously providing in-depth and accurate news about anime, manga, railways, and Indonesian Creative Industries. Being the first to launch the anime news site in Bahasa Indonesia and forum on May 28, 2008, and followed with the launch of the English site, Indonesian Anime Times, later on 2015, KAORI Nusantara has beeb the first and the pioneer of anime journalism in Indonesia. On the upcoming May 28, KAORI Nusantara will commemorate the 8th Anniversary. That day is also the birthday of our lovely mascot, Si Kaori.

In the 8th year, KAORI had keep doing more innovation. To commemorate this 8th Anniversary, we are holding a fanart contest. The theme of this contest is the birthday of Si Kaori which is also the birthday of KAORI Nusantara.

Everyone can participate in this contest. The winner of this fanart contest will be awarded with free AFAID 2016 Exhibition tickets for two days. These are the terms and conditions of this contest:

fanart english update

  1. Each contestants are obliged to make Si Kaori fanart with “Birthday” as its theme.
    2. Si Kaori’s birthday is on May 28 (which is also the 8th birthday of KAORI Nusantara).
    3. Digital and manual drawings are both allowed.
    4. No racism or hate speech and pornography allowed.
    5. Photography manipulation is allowed to create the background, but there will be plus points for backgrounds done manually.
    6. Besides Si Kaori, tracing object (not character) is prohibited.
    7. There will be plus points to those who draw KRL JR-205 and/or TM-6000 as the fanart’s background
    8. Artworks can be uploaded in attached Dropbox link sooner than June 1 at 0000 WIT or May 31 at 1700 GMT. You may submit the fanart in .jpeg or .png format with 300dpi resolutions.
    9. Each contestant is obliged to send their bio (full name, pen name if available, available and active phone number, and full adress) and the story behind the artwork they made which is written in .txt format and gathered in one .zip file with the fanart file.
    10. All creations will still belong to their respective owners, but KAORI Nusantara will upload the artworks in its social media accounts and website with courtesy to the creators.
    11. The winner will be announced on June 2, 2016 on KAORI Nusantara website and social media.
    12. The winner will be awarded with an AFAID 16 Exhibition ticket for 2 days.

So what are you waiting for? For all kaorin who likes to draw, love Si Kaori or only want the free tickets of AFAID 2016 you can participate in this contest. For further information contact us in Facebook, Twitter, Line or e-mail to with the subject Fanart_Si_Kaori.

Indonesian Anime Times | All your personal information will be keep private by Kaori Nusantara. | Submission deadline updated!

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