Panji Tengkorak, one of Indonesia legendary silat (martial arts) comic by Hans Jaladara, will be adapted into a live action movie. Previously, it was reported that this movie will be directed by Upi Avianto, who is famous for his directional work for 30 Hari Mencari Cinta (30 Days Looking for Love) and Realita, Cinta, dan Rock n’ Roll (Reality, Love and Rock n’ Roll), but later it was reported that Anggy Umbara, who is known as the director of the Comic 8 film series and latest Warkop Reborn movie (a reboot of a classic Indonesian comedy film series), will direct this adaptation. The information was revealed in his Instagram account, where he posted an image of Panji Tengkorak’s first screenplay draft.

In his interview with Liputan 6, Anggy Umbara stated that Panji Tengkorak movie will focus heavily on action. “There is no comedy in Panji Tengkorak. It is a full action movie, so it will be something new (for me). This movie is adapted from comic books,” Anggy said.

Anggy also stated that production will start in September, but that plan can be changed because the script itself is still in development.

“Principal photography is planned from September to November, but there is no fixed schedule yet. The scenario is still in development. It will be this year, for sure,” he explained.

When asked about the actor who will play the eponymous skull-masked warrior, Anggy chose not to answer. It was just like when he was asked about the actors for Warkop Reborn, he reluctant to give any answer. “I’m still concentrating on the scenario”, he said.

Panji Tengkorak tells the story of Panji, a master in the dark arts of silat (Indonesian martial art), who is searching for the person who had killed his wife. In his journey, Panji always disguises himself as a beggar and wears a skull mask. Even though he looked cruel, Panji is a good and loyal man.

Panji Tengkorak movie poster in 1971

Panji Tengkorak was originally published by Dwi Djaja Djakarta Publisher in 1968. This comic had been adapted into live action several times, including 2 movies in 1971 and 1983, and a TV series in 1996, which aired in Indosiar. This comic has also  been remade twice. The first one was in 1985 by UP Pradisha and later in 1996 by Elex Media Komputindo.

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