Comedies are quite often rely on the element of misunderstanding. There is something amusing to see characters mistake the identity of others, or when the characters in the story have different thoughts but they keep being unaware of it. Sometimes the misunderstandings get resolved, but other times they persist to the very end.

One of such stories that make misunderstandings its key element is a light novel written by Shito Rina and illustrated by U35, titled Tilea no Nayamigoto (Tilea’s Worries).

Characters in the story, displaying Tilea, Timu, Nielsen, Remilia and Bezef (©Rina Shito/U35/MICROMAGAZINE Inc.)

The novel begins similarly to other stories where the protagonist transferred to another world (isekai): a 33 years-old man, NEET (Not educated, employed, and trained), and virgin Shioda Tetsuya had a complex problem in his previous life. He suffered chuunibyou, or awkward teenage delusions that think one has mystical powers or other special characteristics. Because of that, he was bullied in school, couldn’t find a job in his adult years, and being abandoned by his family. At the end, he got hit by a truck while he tried to save someone, and died.

This is a very commonly used beginning, but the story then develop its own tist to the premise.

Shioda was reborn in another world as a girl named Tilea. Living in a small village with a warm family that consists of a mother, father, and a little sister, she decided to make a peaceful life in this world, and worked earnestly at her family restaurant as a cook. Even though this world has magic, adventurers, and other fantasy world trappings, she abandoned it because of her determination to redo live as a normal person.

Timu in her ‘rebellious’ phase (©Rina Shito/U35/MICROMAGAZINE Inc.)

The problem came when her little sister, Timu, revealed to her that she was a Demon General named Camillia, who had been sealed in past and now reborn in a body of a girl, then left the restaurant in its busy hour. However, with her memory of her previous life in Japan, Tilea perceived this as a sign that Timu has chuunibyou. Convinced that her little sister was in her rebellious phase, she took up for herself the responsibilty to scold Timu as her older sister.

Timu went to meet with other Demon Generals -who has also reincarnated as humans- in a hidden cave, but Tilea followed. Timu and her comrade, Nielsen, tried to kill Tilea, but unexpectedly, she was very strong that they couldn’t beat her even though they used all of their magic. Tilea herself thought that all those demon general were also chuunibyou who were playing with children-level magic.

“It’s Onee-chan duty!” (©Rina Shito/U35/MICROMAGAZINE Inc.)

After promptly scolding Timu, another big misunderstanding began: Timu swore her loyalty to her older sister, whom she believed to be “Evil God” (jashin) because of her unusualy strong powers. Tilea then play along with these “chuunibyou’s comrades” of her little sister, unaware of her very strong power. While Timu and her demon comrades follow Tilea’s order earnestly, thinking that as Evil God she was planning to take over the world one day.

The story is interesting because the contents defy some of the usual conventions of “reborn in isekai” stories. The main character, Tilea, is a woman (even though she’s a guy in a past life) who wished to live a normal life, whereas a majority of isekai novels protagonist tried to live as adventurer just like in normal fantasy adventure stories. There aren’t any romantic relationships in the story, as it’s more focused on the growth of the relationship between sisters Tilea and Timu, while still  misunderstanding each other. It’s more family-themed story in that way.

The combination  of chuunibyou and isekai setting is the main cause of the every joke here. Tilea always thought everything that what Timu did is only another chuunibyou delusions. While Timu, who lacks common sense of human world, always interpret Tilea’s words in different way. There are chances that those misunderstanding might be resolved, but the blissful ignorance of the characters often keep the misunderstandings going.

Even Demon General will cry in front of Onee-chan.(©Rina Shito/U35/MICROMAGAZINE Inc.)

With its comedy of errors approach, Tilea no Nayamigoto offers an isekai story that invite us to laugh at the characters’ disjointed perception of each other. But on the other hand, the story also gives some sweet lessons on how to cherish even your ordinary life to the fullest, especially when Tilea reflect on her past as Shioda Tetsuya. There is no love stories to be expected here, but for those who sought funny stories, this novel goes for you.

The novel was origically created as a web novel on Shosetsuka, and so far has been published into two volumes in print. Will the misunderstandings of  an ex-chuunibyou and a Demon General continue? Only time will reveal it.

The Indonesian Anime Times | Written by M Razif Dwi Kurniawan

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