The anime adaptation of Frame Arms Girl has debuted in Japan on 3 April 2017. For viewers in Southeast Asia, the official Facebook​ account of the anime has announced that the first episode of the anime will be made available in Facebook. The first episode will be made available on 7 April 2017 at 2100 Singapore Standard Time (SST), or 2000 Western Indonesian Time (WIT). The video will be made available to viewers from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam. English subtitle will be included.

Frame Arms Girl is a line of model kits depicting armored girls or mecha-musume from Kotobukiya. The characters are designed by renowned mecha-musume artist Humikane Shimada who also designed characters for Strike Witches and Girls und Panzer.I

In the anime, a girl named Ao found a package on her doorstep containing Gourai, a small robot Frame Arms Girl that can move on its own. Gourai is a newly developed prototype of Frame Arms Girl with “Artificial Self” which gives it personality. When the feature had been activated, Gourai began to collect various data and started life with Ao who does not understand anything about Frame Arms Girls.

Update: the official Facebook page of Frame Arms Girl has added Thailand to the list of countries that can watch the anime on the page.

Spring 2017 Anime: Frame Arms Girl

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