Meguru Amatsuki is a country girl who dreams of becoming a defender of justice. She was chosen for a transfer student program to the middle school of St. Cherrine Academy in Tokyo, where she met the taciturn loner girl Sumire Kisaragi. When an evil figure comes to threaten the students, a hedgehod-like being named Miruku-chan granted Meguru the power to transform into a Twin Angel. Meguru also found out that Sumire is also another Twin Angel.


Character interaction in heroic duo has a distinct dynamics compared to team hero (as in Super Sentai) or solo hero (as with Kamen Riders). In the magical girl genre, Futari wa Pretty Cure is a good example in developing the interaction between the lead heroines thorugh the contrasts in their personalities.

Twin Angel BREAK follown on that footsteps, and the first episode seems promising in setting up the contrasts between the two heroines for further growth. Their classmates also adds cute and funny situations on the daily life side of the show. There are a bit of allusions to the previous Twin Angel series, but so far, the story can still be followed on its own. The fight scenes could’ve been given more work, though, since they’re rather stiff. But if the series can develop the relationship between the leads well enough as it goes on, that could be sufficient enough reason to get into this series.

Facts and Figures

Original work Slot machines produced by Sammy
Casts Ai Kayano as Sumire Kisaragi/Angel Sapphire
Ayaka Suwa as Veil
M.A.O as Meguru Amatsuki/Angel Rose
Rie Kugimiya as Miruku-chan
Shizuka Itou as Mary
Yukiyo Fujii as Nui
Director Yoshiaki Iwasaki (Twin Angel Twinkle Paradise, Ookami-san and her Seven Companions)
Scenario Michiko Itou (Twin Angel Twinkle Paradise, Day Break Illusion)
Character design Mika Takahashi (Neuro Supernatural Detective)
Opening theme “Love-tte♥️Jewelry♪Angel☆Break!!” by Avenue Project feat. M.A.O & Ai Kayano
Ending theme “Bureikuru Miruku Rabu!” (ぶれいくるみるくらぶ!) by Rie Kugimiya
Studio J.C. Staff
Official website
Broadcast date 7 April 2017 (1300 GMT, 2000 WIT, 2200 JST)

Screenshots dan Trailer

© 2017 Sammy/St. Cherrine Academy PTA
© 2017 Sammy/St. Cherrine Academy PTA
© 2017 Sammy/St. Cherrine Academy PTA
© 2017 Sammy/St. Cherrine Academy PTA

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