Ghost Parade, a side-scrolling adventure game from Lentera Nusantara studio, will be available for trial at the event Popcon Asia 2017 at Jakarta Convention Center on 5-6 August 2017. Visitors can play the game at Lentera Nusantara’s booth at the event.

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The Popular Culture Convention Asia, or Popcon Asia for short, is an annual event for contents related to creative industry, mainly comics, movies, toys, games, and animations which is organized by Revata Cipta Kreasi (Kreavi). As a platform to support local creative industry, Popcon Asia has become an event for collaboration and networking among creators, brands, medias, government representatives, and other related people who have a common goal, which is growing creative industry in Asia. The event itself will be held for the sixth time in 5-6 August 2017 at Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan.

Previously, the game has been green-lighted and ready to be released in Steam. But as of the l time of this writing, details regarding the release of this game hasn’t been revealed yet.

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Ghost Parade is a 2D side-scrolling game themed on Indonesian ghosts from across the country. The game tells about the adventure of Suri to return home with the help of her ghost friends. In the first episode of the game, Suri and her friends are preventing the illegal loggers from destroying the sacred forest. Watch the trailer here:

Lentera Nusantara studio creates this story to reform popular mindset towards supernatural beings such as kuntilanaktuyulbuta ijo, and many more. As shown by films, ghosts are portrayed as terrifying, evil, and bloodthirsty entities. The game shows that ghosts are not actually that different from humans as they have their own stories and lives. Moreover, they will not disturb anyone if they are not being disturbed in the first place. The first episode tells that we should be more cautious of the vicious humans than to the beings which we see as the scary ones.

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