After the special screening of Kantai Collection the Movie was held in April, the film distributor CB International Movie announced that the film will also receive a regular screening in Indonesian cinemas starting in July. Following that announcement, Aniplus Asia on Friday (30/6) revealed the premiere date for the film. Fubuki and the other kanmusu (fleet girls) are returning to Indonesian cinemas starting on 5 July.

The announcement was made in Aniplus Asia’s official Facebook page. It is confirmed that Kantai Collection the Movie regular screening starts on 5 July in selected CGV Cinemas. Aniplus Asia and CB International Movie have yet to confirm whether this film will also be available in other cinema chains such as Cinemaxx and Platinum Cineplex.

Kantai Collection The Movie has been screened in Japanese cinemas starting on 26 November 2016. The film is a spin-off from the anime series which was aired in early 2015.

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Kantai Collection or KanColle is adapted from a web-browser free-to-play game under the same name by Kadokawa Games. This strategy and card collecting game tells the tale of war between ship fleets which are represented as a moe girls, or known as fleet girls or kantai musume (shorten as kanmusu), and alien fleets which conquers the sea. Kantai Collection is one of the popular web-game in Japan with 2,2 million players until September 2014. As a result of being popular in Japan, Kantai Collection is adapted to comic series, light novel, tabletop RPG and anime.

The trailer for Kantai Collection​ The Movie can be watched here:

Kantai Collection anime has been aired in Indonesia via Aniplus. Aniplus is a television channel which specialises in airing anime, both completed series as well as series that are still ongoing in Japan. In Indonesia, Aniplus is available via subscription on two cable TV, Telkom (USeeTV) and Trans Vision.

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