“Assembly of Saints” is an organization under the jurisdiction of Vatican City. It is a group of priests and priestess dedicated to the investigation of the credibility of miracles claimed all over the world. Among such people are our protagonists, the ancient archive expert and crypt-analyst, Robert Nicholas, and the genius scientist, Hiraga Josef Kou. Together, they both investigated various miracles and uncovered dark secrets and conspiracies.


Nothing whatsoever is appealing for me in this first episode. save for its premise. A thriller mystery with a touch of horror, supernatural and exorcism, throw in a little bit of conspiracy, and you’ve got an intricate premise. But, there are tons of anime with good premise, only to bust in its execution.

On the top of uninspiring characters, there are too many information–and possibly a subplot, too–being shown to the audience. Add to that a bunch of side characters whose name or face are unmemorable, it’s a muddy first episode. Abruptly thrown, with almost no room for the audience to breath and to make sense what just happened. All these “dumping” makes the supposedly thrilling revelation of the mystery at the end of the episode all the more barren.

Thus, sadly, I am to say that I do not recommend this one series. All and all, though, it’s just the first episode. Feel free to hope it’ll get any better.

Facts and Figures

Alternative Title Vatican Miracle Examiner
Source Material Light Novel with the same name written by Rin Fujiki and illustrated by THORES Shibamoto
Hiroki Yasumoto as Bill Saskins
Junichi Suwabe as Robert Nicholas
Kouji Yusa as Priest Julia
Masashi Ebara as Archbishop Saul
Nobuhiko Okamoto as Kou Josef Hiraga
Soma Sato as Lauren di Luca
Tsubasa Yonaga as Ryouta Hiraga
Director Yoshitomo Yonetai (Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma, Dorami & Doraemon: Robot School’s Seven Mysterie (Movie))
Scenario Seishi Minakami (Bakuman, Paprika)
Original Character Design THORES Shibiamoto (Attack on Titan: Before Fall (Light Novel)), Trinity Blood (manga and TV series)
Opening Theme MYSTERIUM” by SCREEN mode
Closing Theme “Sacramento (サクラメント)” by Nobuhiko Okamoto
Studio  J. C. Staff
Official Website
Official Twitter
Broadcast Date  4 Juli 2017 (1330GMT / 2030WIB / 2230JST)

Trailer and Screenshots

©2017 Rin Fujikii/Kadokawa Shoten/J. C. Staff
©2017 Rin Fujikii/Kadokawa Shoten/J. C. Staff
©2017 Rin Fujikii/Kadokawa Shoten/J. C. Staff

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