In the far future, a long time had passed since the era of the Justy Ueki Tylor, and the United Planets had declined while the Raalgon Empire was no more. Tylor’s descendant, Banjo Ueki Tylor, now worked as a garbage collector along with his robot companion, Yamamoto 372. One day, the carefree Banjo stumbled upon an ancient Raalgon ship where a girl named Azalyn Goza the 168th was frozen inside.


A continuation of the 90s anime series The Irresponsible Captain Tylor featuring the descendant of the previous series’s main character, The Irresponsible Galaxy☆Tylor comes as a series of shorts three and a half minutes long. The first episode spends its whole running time to introduce the characters and describe the setting of the story, without much happening other than Banjo’s meeting with Azalyn. It remains to be seen if Banjo’s carefree attitude would actually lead to amusing situations, and how Azalyn’s attachment to Banjo’s ancestor would play out in their relationship.

Facts and Figures

Alternative Title Musekinin Galaxy☆Tylor
Original Source Light novel by Hitoshi Yoshioka (story)
Casts Ayako Suwa as Dolly
Emi Nitta as Narrator
Hikaru Koide as Banjo Ueki Tylor
Hina Higuchi as Yamamoto 372
Kanon Takao as Azalyn Goza the 168th
Takuya Eguchi as Yamamoto
Director Hiroshi Kimura (Recorder and Randsell, Danchigai, Haitai Nanafa)
Script Writer Hiroshi Kimura
Character Design Natsuki Kita
Ending Theme “Smile Invitation” by Hikaru Koide and Kanon Takao
Studio Seven
Official Site
Broadcast Date 11 July 2017 (1255 GMT, 1955 WIB, 2155 JST)

Screenshots and Trailer

© Hiroshi Yoshioka/Irresponsible Committee
© Hiroshi Yoshioka/Irresponsible Committee
© Hiroshi Yoshioka/Irresponsible Committee

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