Freelance artist Erda Enos is now producing an R-rated, Boys Love-themed visual novel titled Leodetable Institute.

In this visual novel, the player will assume the role of Adri, a blind tailor who lost his memory in the Institute of Leodetable. As Adri, the player will be given four different routes and many different choices of partner while learning to control his own magical power. Player will go through a couple of mini-games such as RPG-styled combat system, puzzles, and up to 20 different ending.

This visual novel takes place on Varr, a world where magic becomes a power that is adored, and also feared. As the result of this fear, magic instruction is now banned and anyone who use it will receive death as a punishment. This prohibition caused a wrath among the gods. They then sent an executor named “Magaran” to “punish” the humans. This conflict ends with an agreement created by the sorcerers between gods and humans, which says ‘Anyone who is capable of doing magical instruction will be collected and trained to control their power to avoid any harm on other people‘. They then create places where the sorcerers are gathered and trained, hidden from the people. Leodetable Institute is one of it.

Adri lost his memory five years ago and became an apprentice sorcerer in Leodetable Institute. Other than him, there are many other men such as Saputra, Adri’s finical roommate; Wood, the students body’s leader; to Seal and Rafi, Adri’s classmates.

One day, Adri and his mates realized that the leader of Leodetable Institute is now plotting a rebellion. In order to stop them, Adri along with Seal and their friends decide to fight against the leader of Leodetable Institute. They then met a mysterious boy named D-On, who warned them to leave soon.

Will Adri leave or will he stand to fight?

Here’ are some features available in the game

  • A world that can be explored through side-scrolling. There are two places available to be explored: Manche City and Leodetable Institute (including five towers and a dominatory). Find many secrets to solve the mystery behind this game. Other than that, there are also other things to do like learning session, extra session, side quests, and many NPCs character.

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  • Be careful on making a choice in this game, because there are a lot of choices designed to trick the player, with only a limited time to pick a choice, it can be rather difficult to choose the right one.
  • Go on a date with the character of your choice to open many different plots which can bring the player deeper into the game and its mystery.

The visual novel is undergoing a fundraising program on Indiegogo.

The Demo version has been made available on this link.

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