STARNIFEST  is created to provide a common vehicle for all Japanese lovers in every aspects,  so that they can enjoy a  wide  range  of Japanese treats, including education, modern and traditional Japanese culture, pop-culture,  J-fashion,  J-beauty, and  so  forth, served in the form of edutainment (education & entertainment) through STARNIFEST 2017.

Here, it is expected that Japanese lovers from all sections can find a ‘basecamp’ for them to share, exchange  information,  and gain a lot of knowledge from various fields closely related to Japan, including in education  and entertainment, traditional and modern.

The goal of STARNIFEST is a strong desire to further introduce the real Japan to global audiences. Not only limited to the formal field, but also in the field that is non-formal. Therefore, within STARNIFEST itself, there is a lot of information about Japan in various fields, through artwork exhibition, creative community, talk shows and workshops on art, illustration, comics, Japanese beauty, talkshows with successful leaders in various fields, and featuring the appearance of talents from their respective fields, which will further complement the various competitions held by STARNIFEST.

STARNIFEST exists for all circles, not just for young people, but for all Japanese lovers. It’s not just for art, comics, cosplay, J-music , J-beauty and fashion fans, or other pop-culture types, but also for those who love traditional Japanese culture, and for those who focus on finding the right education and information about Japan.

It is through our hope that through STARNIFEST, the real positive Japanese wave can be communicated well to the global  audience, so there will be a lot of positive information they will receive. It’s not just having fun with  pop Japanese culture, but everything about Japan, both formal or non-formal.

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