In the Starnifest (Starlight Nippon Festival) 2017 event that takes place on the Square Ballroom, ICBC Center, Surabaya last Sunday (19/11), KAORI team had the opportunity to interview two cosplay guest stars, Aliga from China and Onnies from Thailand. How did they start cosplaying? Is there anything they want to say to Indonesian fans? Follow our interview here.

Onnies, Aliga, and Tomia

Have you ever traveled to Indonesia before? What is your impression about Indonesia?

Aliga (A): This is my second time visiting Indonesia, and I’m so proud to come again. I love travelling to different countries to see different sceneries of each city. Oh, I also love Indonesia food especially the chicken.

Onnies (O): I’ve been in Indonesia many times so I cannot remember, but this is my second time in Surabaya. The most interesting thing from Indonesia is the food, actually. I think Indonesian food and Thai food is kind of similar but Indonesian food is more spicy. Yesterday I went to dinner to eat duck. Very nice, I never eat something like that before.

What character do you find difficult to cosplay?

A: I’ve done cosplay since 14 years old so It has been about 6 years. For me, I find it difficult when I am cosplaying a more mature character. That is because I’m not really that tall, so it’s hard to find good angle in photo session.

O: I’ve done cosplay for many years. Each character is different. The hardest part, maybe, is not only the costume or make up, but also the emotion. For example, when I acted as a cool character, being in character is quite hard. For me the hardest costume I’ve ever wear is Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII because that was my first time I wear some kind of armour. I really respect someone who cosplay with armour.

How did you become a cosplayer? Is there any memorable or unique memory when you cosplay for first time?

A: I cosplay because my dad like to play computer games. So when I was a kid, maybe 4 or 5 years old, I just sat down beside my dad and watched him playing. That’s why I love game and anime very much. And then he also took me to events where I saw cosplay and I wanted to know more about it. I want to be the character and I think cosplay can make my dream come true. Also, I think cosplay changed me because before that, I was really shy and afraid to talk to new people. But after I cosplay, I know so many people who love anime and have same hobby.

Aliga and her translator

O: I become a cosplayer because of my friend. When I was in high school I was really into, or not just “into”, I was really addicted to a game online.

What is the game title?

O: Pangya.

Oh, Pangya!

O: Ah, so you know (laughing). We were really into that game. And then we thought “Hey, let’s do something else, not just playing the game together”. That time there was a cosplay event of that game so we were trying to participate. That’s how I become cosplayer. On the first time, I also feel very shy, but since I was cosplaying with my friend I found it very fun.

Is there any other achievement that you want to get as a cosplayer?

A: I don’t have any kind of achievement in cosplay. I just hope I can meet new people who have same hobbies. Especially cosplayer like Tomia because before I only can see her from computer screen.

So, you finally met Tomia in this event. What did you feel? How did you express yourself?

A: Really happy. I took selfie with her yesterday

Were you screaming “Kyaaa” or something like that?

A: (laughing)


O: Actually, I don’t have any big goals or some kind of achievements, I’m just happy to do what I do right now. My goal is probably to cosplay as long as I can and meet new friends. I have to thank my cosplay hobby because I can meet new people including people here in this event.

Last question, what do you want to say to your fans in Indonesia?

A: I am really happy because I have so many fans. I got many fans when I cosplayed as Kizuna Ai. I really like their comments. Because of my real life I can’t read all the comments, but I have a friend who usually check the comments and tell me some interesting comments.

O: For me, nowadays cosplay community has become bigger and more lively, but it is still small when we compare it to other communities. So it is better to support each other and avoid more drama. If we love something similar why don’t we work together and become friend to make it better.

The Indonesia Anime Times | Interview and photo by Irfan Dhafirwan| Text and translation by Dany Muhammad

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