As reported previously, Penerbit Haru has planned to publish the novel Hyouka. On Monday (20/11), Penerbit Haru has further revealed through its instagram account that the novel will be published in December.

It is also confirmed that this novel will get Indonesian edition cover. The cover will be designed by Cynthia Yanetha, while Andry Setiawan will do the translation into Indonesian.

Written by Honobu Yonezawa in 2001, Hyouka tells the story of Hōtarō Oreki who was forced to join The Classic Literature Club in his new school by his sister. There, he met with various persons: Satoshi Fukube, the self proclaimed “database”; Mayaka Ibara, his acquintance from middle school; and Eru Chitanda, a person full of curiousity. Oreki then got involved in a mistery from 33 years ago: about Chitanda’s Uncle, about what happen at the Kanya Festival at that year, and about the meaning of “Hyouka” itself.

The novel has inspired an anime adaptation in 2012 produced by Kyoto Animation and also a manga adaptation in the same year. A live action adaptation has also planned to be screened in November 2017.

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