Indonesian publisher, Penerbit Haru, announced that they will release Weathering with You novel in Indonesia. The publisher revealed in a post on Instagram on 27 September 2020 that the novel will be released in 2021. Detailed Information about the specific release date and price of the novel have yet to be revealed.

Weathering with You or Tenki no Ko is an anime film directed by Makoto Shinkai and debuted in Japan in July 2019. The story begins a boy named Hodaka Morishima who has moved to Tokyo to start a new life, and work at local magazine covering supernatural phenomena and other strange things. While investigating rumors about the “sunshine girl” who can bring clear weather with certainty, Hodaka has a fateful meeting with a girl named Hina Amano, who has the power to stop the rain.

The film of Weathering with You has also been shown in Indonesian theatres in August 2019. You can read a review of Weathering with You on The Indonesian Anime Times below:

“Weathering With You” Film Review: Understanding Shinkai’s ‘Rebelling on Instinct’ Urge

The director of Weathering With You, Makoto Shinkai, is an anime film director who has released various theatrical anime films at CoMix Wave Films studio, including in making Weathering With You. He has set records with his 2016 film your name. (Kimi no Na wa.) which has become the highest grossing anime film of all time, and has won a number of awards. your name. has also been planned to be adapted into a Hollywood film. Shinkai has also released a number of short films such as She and Her Cat to Voices of a Distant Star. He also writes the novelizations of his films, including your name. and Weathering With You.

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The Indonesian Anime Times

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