On May (5/29), Indonesian publisher Penerbit Haru announced that they will release the fifth book of Honobu Yonezawa’s Classic Literature Club Series (Kotenbu) this year. The announcement was made in a video posted on the publisher’s Facebook account. The publisher has yet to reveal detailed information regarding the official Indonesian title, price, and release date for the book. However, they mentioned that the novel will be published sometime in the second half of 2020.

Titled Futari no Kyori no Gaisan in Japanese, the fifth book will tell the story that has not been adapted in anime yet. In the book, the classic literature club members have entered their second year as Kamiyama High-School student. It starts when the main character, Houtaro Oreki, joined a marathon competition held by his school. While leisurely jog on his way to finish line, he met his friend Satoshi Fukube. Together, they discussed a weird incident that happened recently on classic literature club, which involved the new member Tomoko Ohinata.

First written in 2001, Kotenbu series focused on the story of the classic literature club members. The classic literature club consists of 4 members: The main character Houtaro Oreki,  the self-proclaimed “database” Satoshi Fukube, Oreki’s strict classmate Mayaka Ibara, and classic literature club president Eru Chitanda. Together, Oreki and other classic literature club members involved in some mysterious cases that happened in their school. In the first book, Hyouka, Oreki got involved in a mystery from 33 years ago. He must investigate the truth about what happened at the Kanya Festival that year. While doing that he found out what actually happened to Chitanda’s uncle that year, and about the meaning of book “Hyouka” itself.

The novel series has inspired an anime adaptation in 2012 produced by Kyoto Animation and also a manga adaptation in the same year. The novel had also been adapted as a live-action film that debuted in November 2017.

In Indonesia, Penerbit Haru has published the first three novels in the series. The first novel is released in December 2017 with Indonesian edition cover designed by Cynthia Yanetha and translation by Andry Setiawan. The second, third, and fourth book also have been released in Indonesian with the cover that voted previously by fans.

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