Mitsuyoshi Tada accidentally took a photo of a foreign girl. Knowing that, the girl then asked to do a stranger pose. Their meeting continued when Tada realized that the girl, Teresa Wagner, was separated from her family and that she was a big fan of Rainbow Shogun. Tada then treated Teresa in the coffee shop owned by his grandparents, where she was welcomed by his little sister with a question “is she your girlfriend?” The romantic comedy story of Tada, Teresa, his camera and their friends then started.


M Razif Dwi Kurniawan (The Indonesian Anime Times)

Romantic comedies are always funny. Other than offering a typical teenage love story, the comedy element indicates that there won’t be overly complicated conflict. The most interesting part, in my opinion, is the flow of conversation that felt natural, enjoyable to hear, and does not feel forced. Neither too intensely comedic, nor intensely melachonlic, Tada Koi is comfortable to be watched without thinking too much. With high school life has yet to be seen in the first episode, and a little hint about the past of Tada and Wagner’s family, the continuation of Tada Koi seems to remain interesting to be seen.

Facts and Figures

Alternate title Tada Never Falls in Love
Source Material original anime
Ari Ozawa as Nyanko Big
Hiro Shimono as Gentarō Yamashita
Inori Minase as Yui Tada
Mamoru Miyano as  Kaoru Ijūin
Manaka Iwami as Teresa Wagner
Shino Shimoji as Alexandra Magritte
Shizuka Ishigami as Hinako Hasegawa
Yūichi Nakamura as Mitsuyoshi Tada
Yuichiro Umehara as Hajime Suzamoto
Director Mitsue Yamazaki (Fullmetal Alchemist, Eromanga Sensei)
Series Composition Yoshiko Nakamura (Re:Zero Kara Hajimaru Isekai Seikatsu e)
Character Design Junichiro Taniguchi (Girls und Panzer Der Film)
Opening Theme “Otomodachi Film” by Masayoshi Ōishi
Closing Theme “Love Song” by Manaka Iwami
Studio Doga Kobo
Official Website
Twitter  @tadakoi_anime
Broadcast Date 5 April 2018 (1200 GMT, 1900 WIB, 2100 JST)

Screenshots and Trailer


The Indonesian Anime Times

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